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Love and hope for those in need

“Whatever you’ve done for the least of these brothers of mine,
you did for me.”

— MATTHEW 25:40

We are now
Communities Under the Bridge.

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Communities Under the Bridge is a safe, loving place where those who have a heart to serve others can come to minister both to the spiritual and practical needs of the homeless and those who are broken in San Antonio, Texas.

Kitchen volunteers having fun while preparing food

Our journey to be a community-based hub started in the kitchen, where churches and groups have graciously provided, cooked and served meals for the homeless, over the last 25 years.  We have grown and added other services to meet the needs of the homeless. Now we are postured to be a place for individuals, churches and even businesses to use the gifts God has given to serve others. We are a place where organizations can come to serve their community, and where individuals can reach out to others with the love of Jesus. We act as a tool to provide opportunities for “hands-on ministry” for those that love Jesus. Coming together in community is present in every aspect of what we do. We stand ready to welcome you!

Homeless man holding stuffed reindeer while eating his tray of food while sitting on the sidewalk.

We strive to build relationships with homeless men and women that will foster the trust needed for decisions of change.  The hope of the cross is what we offer, and a relationship with them that demonstrates our relationship with the Savior.  When the homeless see the light of hope in us, we know that many will want to make a change. We will help connect them to resources that will facilitate that change and walk beside them as they begin their new journey.

Together, let's meet more of the needs around us.


Group of volunteers

Individuals or Groups

Individuals and groups will find their place to help change lives.
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Clothing or Food

Donate gently used clothing and new items. See our list of needs


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Financial Giving

Your gift is greatly appreciated, thank you for changing lives.

CUB volunteers are saying…

“A wonderful place to serve the needs of the less fortunate in our beautiful city."
Sharon Newman, CUB Volunteer
“Volunteering at CUB seems like it would only be a blessing to those we are serving, but I feel it honestly blesses me more! The experience is far beyond handing over clothing and hygiene items to those in need - it is an opportunity to reflect the love that God has for every single one of us. I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve joyfully in this program that seeks to improve the lives of those in the heart of San Antonio.”
Joy Hamann, CUB Volunteer
“A one-of-a-kind church serving our community. Amazing people - such humility, mercy and care!”
Irina Solovyova, CUB Volunteer

Discover Your Spiritual Gifting

It is our desire to help others discover the spiritual gifts God has given and offer a training ground to develop those gifts for service.  Some already know their gifts and for them we provide a place to use those gifts to bless others, including discipling other members of the family of God. Download the free Spiritual Gifts Test below and learn what gifts the Holy Spirit has provided you. Once you know your gifts, we have categorized our serving opportunities by gift to help you find your place.  

Take the CUB Gifts Test:

Find your spiritual Gifting

CUB News

Communities Under The Bridge plan to open new resources to help the city's unsheltered population.

Communities Under the Bridge has been helping the city of San Antonio’s unsheltered population since 1996.Now several new resources are in the works to take their level of care to the next step.Two older buildings next to the Communities Under the Bridge sanctuary downtown are finally gone.

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Volunteers serve hot food and warm gifts to San Antonians in need as non-profit hopes to expand impact next year

Communities Under the Bridge hopes to break ground in early 2023 and open a free laundromat and barbershop for unhoused people in San Antonio

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A God Dream Leads to Action

Jesus has a lot to say about serving the “least of these”. Communities Under the Bridge (CUB) has been serving the homeless population in our city for years and has seen blessing after blessing come their way as a result of their obedience to serving the least of these.

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Church Under the Bridge serves San Antonio homeless population

As daylight faded to dusk, the Rev. Mark A. Smith walked along an East Side sidewalk to check on the welfare of the homeless lined up for a meal at the Church Under the Bridge. Smith administers the church portion of the ministry, a refuge for the unsheltered.

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CUB works as ministry hub for our city

Communities Under the Bridge (formerly Church Under the Bridge) serves the homeless population in our city. Starting as a church that also fed the homeless, CUB has grown to become a city-wide ministry hub providing opportunities to churches, businesses and individuals for hands-on ministry.

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A Big God Dream

In the middle of the night, Dianne Talbert, Executive Director of Communities Under the Bridge, was awakened by a vision from God. He showed her a detailed visual of a large property that could serve hundreds of homeless in the San Antonio area with services that would bridge some of the gaps in what is currently available to them.

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From under a bridge to under a roof

A nearly 9,000-square-foot structure near downtown serves 900 meals each week and stands as a tribute to a determined congregation — and as an example of how city ordinances can shape a church's development. Church Under the Bridge started beneath a highway overpass 15 years ago. It moved to a former tavern and then a warehouse.

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Homeless ministry shares donated clothes with San Antonio elementary school

Beneath the Hays Street Bridge, volunteers loaded tubs packed with donations on trucks to help children at Highland Hills Elementary have better days. They hefted 30 boxes and bins from the Communities Under the Bridge warehouse to pickups and SUVs. Side-by-side, parents, volunteers, and CEOs packed the containers in the beds of two trucks.

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New vision, same servant hearts

You have seen them on the news or perhaps while driving our roads. Homeless encampments under the bridges of our San Antonio freeways. Tents and more tents. Have you caught yourself looking and wondering... does anyone really care about these people?

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